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Sunday, August 01, 2010 @ updates
sch's been going on for 3 weeks plus now. time-table may be slack but the workload's a bitch. esp assignments. alot is expected to be done over a short period of time which sucks. anw just handed in an assignment due so i'm a happy man. haah

more updates coming soon esp abt my bdae tat has come and gone.

22 years of age now. fucked.

Thursday, July 01, 2010 @ 1st day.
blogging in class now. LOL. effing bored with what the lecturer is saying. 1st lesson's biz computing at 830 am. CRAP. and its only the first lesson. omg. die die die.

surprisingly i'm not tired. hahaha.

orientation was alright. made quite a number of friends which is of cos good. i just hope that my sch life's gonna pick up and not go down.

Sunday, June 20, 2010 @
my blog's not dead yet as u can see. it ain't dead yet till i said its dead!


@ Green Zone
caught the movie, "Green Zone" at home from tom365. the movie's about the title character (Matt Damon) questioning the intel that the US govt provided in their search for Weapons of Mass Destruction. Through his investigation, he realised that there was something bigger going on and realises that they may be going to war for all the wrong reasons, or worse, NO reasons.

The show's pretty good as Matt Damon is a really good actor. and the director has worked with him in past movies like the Bourne Identity series hence the show's similar to the Bourne movies in certain ways.

I like the movie as i feel it has some political undertones to it. it really leads us to question, what really sparked a war between the US and Iraq and was it really necessary? also, do they have the right to just come into a country and start dictating rules when you urself is a country that promotes democracy? lastly, it makes one think, can ppl really trust the govt totally or are there any facts or truth that are hidden from us. we never know.

hmmm. food for thought.

verdict : 4/5

Sunday, June 13, 2010 @
sch's gonna start soon. i can't wait.

Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ klife
so i've enrolled in SIM. fees are a bitch at 5k plus per month. and with that there comes this cold war with my parents.

the thing is they are not happy with the school fees. apparently, in their eyes, i've been spending too much money, have been slacking. wtf do you expect me to do when school hasn't even start? so what if u're my parents, is it right for you all to judge me this way? do you even care about how i feel? do you think everything is just about you and the money? do you think i will just give up on myself this way? do you think i won't want a degree too? what the hell are u all thinking?

so now you've given up on me huh? fine. do it. i dun care too. u've given up on me, i'll give up on you too. self-centred people. i hate home seriously.

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